Stress/DepressionWe experience stress, anxiety or depression as part of our normal daily lives but sometimes the symptoms become so strong that they interfere with our health and wellbeing.

How stress and depression affects the body:
Stress and depression may be mainly emotional and psychological but they have a powerful effect on the body. When we are stressed our muscles tighten and prevent our neurotransmitters from working normally, which means that the brain is unable to produce the hormones and chemicals that we need to maintain our wellbeing. We may then feel sad or anxious for no particular reason or we may have dark or depressing thoughts that we can’t seem to control.

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Western medicine’s response
When a person is diagnosed with depression, Western medicine attempts to identify the chemical that is out of balance and to provide that chemical to the person via medication. It may be that many different medications are tried before the correct chemical or hormone is identified. In the meantime the person remains stressed and depressed with additional problems caused by the possible unwanted side effects of the medication.

How does acupuncture work
Put simply, acupuncture stimulates the nerves which clears the muscles and nerve channels of obstructions. The neurotransmitters then function normally which enables the brain to produce and release the correct chemicals or hormones that are needed to promote emotional health and wellbeing.

The acupuncturist looks for obstructions of the muscles and nerve channels and the needles are placed in the muscle at the depth where the obstruction occurs. This relaxes the muscle enabling several things to happen:

  • Stimulation of the nervous system restores the normal transmission of nervous impulses between the brain and the rest of the body
  • Improved blood supply to the area brings the body’s naturally produced chemicals and hormones to the area which enables healing to occur
  • Impurities can be removed from the area of blockage

Because it targets the exact area where the problem exists there is no risk of unwanted side effects with acupuncture. My treatment for depression and stress is based on over 35 years of experience. I use traditional acupuncture techniques and apply them to modern day medical conditions. It is herb and drug free and offers patients a viable alternative to Western treatments for depression, anxiety and stress-related conditions.

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