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Lifestyle and environmental stress can cause hormones to be out of balance which impacts on the ability of a woman to become pregnant.

IVF has revolutionised reproductive medicine in the West. However, achieving pregnancy depends on the use of artificial hormones and this can be very difficult to get right because each woman has her own unique chemistry. Couples face an anxious wait during this time.

There is considerable evidence that acupuncture can enhance the IVF process. It can help in several ways by
Preparing the body for receiving the high levels of hormones
Assisting the body to regulate its own hormone production
Helping to make the uterus receptive to the new embryo and if there has been a previous unsuccessful cycle, it can also
Help the body to recover

Acupuncture has a role at each stage of the IVF process. Here’s how it works.

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Preparing for IVF

If you have already had an IVF cycle and it was unsuccessful I recommend allowing the body time to recover. Your body has been through a difficult process and needs time to rest and heal. I recommend waiting for at least 3 full cycles before undergoing another IVF cycle.

If you are coming to IVF for the first time, I also recommend 3 months’ treatment in order to help your body prepare. Acupuncture prior to an IVF cycle:
minimising the stress of fertility
Can improve the blood flow to the uterus
Helps to regulate your naturally occurring hormones so that your body is well prepared for the new IVF cycle
Provides overall relaxation to the woman

Egg Collection
Acupuncture can facilitate the egg collection procedure in the following ways:
Relaxes internal organs
Heals local internal tissue following the procedure

Embryo transfer

Acupuncture increases the health of the uterus making it receptive to the embryo. It does this in three ways:
Increasing the blood flow to the area
Helping to regulate the body’s naturally occurring hormones
Relaxation of the uterus so that it minimises contractions as the embryo is implanted.

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Here are some websites that outline how acupuncture can support the IVF process.

This study shows that stress management may improve pregnancy rates, minimising the stress of fertility management itself, improving the success rates of IVF procedures, and ultimately, helping to alleviate the emotional burden for women who are facing challenges trying to conceive.

Fertility rates during embryo transfer can be doubled with the use of acupuncture, a new study has found. The latest University of Adelaide trial contributes to a small but growing body of research that suggests acupuncture may help with improving pregnancy outcomes for people undergoing IVF treatment.

www.acupunctureivf.com.au has multiple examples of different studies undertaken showing where acupuncture has assisted the IVF process.

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