Fees & Services

Initial consultations (45-60 min.) are $130
Standard treatments (30-40 min.) are $100

Delicate treatments (40-60 min.) are $130

The first few treatments may take longer time until the healing process is well initiated

Initial consultations (30 min.) are $70
Standard treatment (20 min.) are $60


  • Patients pay at the time of treatment.  Credit Card, EFTPOS or cash are acceptable
  •  HICAPS is available for most health funds rebate*

*Health fund rebate facility available: Bupa/Medibank /MBF/HBA/Teachers federation/nib Health/Navy Health/Health cover Direct/ Defence Health/ Australian Unity…..

First visit…


Your Health Review?

    • Acupuncture is a holistic treatment. During your first appointment  you will need to provide information about your overall health so that an appropriate plan for your treatment can be designed
  • To assess your muscular-skeletal system, please bring in your X-rays / CT scans and medical reports with you at the day of your appointment

Needling treatment

  • Needles are for single use only and disposed off immediately according to strict hygienic standards
  • Acupuncture needles are very fine– about the thickness of a human hair
  • The needles stimulate nervous system which helps our body to heal itself

What to wear?

  • Please wear loose fitting clothing, preferably with a separate top which opens at the front as you may need to remove parts of your clothing to inset treatment- needles

What is expected post treatment?

    •  Remember the healing process continues even after the removal of needles, therefore you may experience slight local sensations after intervention for few hours.
    • Don’t swim in the public.
  • It is very important to drink water after the treatment as it helps the body to flush away any toxins which may have released during the treatment