Childbirth Support

ChildbirthSupport.450x280We live a modern lifestyle which is busy and stressful and an expecting mother who works full time or have a stressful job can feel tired and overwhelmed. Having regular acupuncture treatment during the pregnancy can reduce the stress and boost energy to keep your body and your baby healthy in the natural way.

To ease labor, the expecting mother should start acupuncture treatment at around 38-39 weeks. Acupuncture treatment can facilitate smooth labor and quicken the labor process by relaxing the pelvic muscle for dilation. Acupuncture treatment can also reduce stress and tensions when contractions start and you are ready to push.

After giving birth, your hormones are changing while your body recovers from what is a very exhausting and emotional experience. Starting acupuncture treatment in the 3 or 4 weeks after birth for post natal maintenance can help balance hormones during recovery and can also help to avoid future hormonal problems.